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Capital Programme Review and New Bids

Meeting: 26/01/2023 - Economic Development (Item 662)

662 Capital Programme Review and New Bids pdf icon PDF 84 KB

Report of Director of Resources enclosed


The Director of Resources submitted a report asking for Committee to consider the future capital programme for this Committee, covering the period 2023/24 to 2027/28 for recommendation to Policy and Finance Committee.


The Council usually operates a five-year capital programme, but only a three-year capital programme for 2022/23 to 2024/25 was approved last year.  This is because the Council was awaiting the outcome of the Government’s fair funding review before committing to setting a longer-term five-year capital programme. Committees had however submitted capital scheme bids for 2025/26 to 2026/27 as part of last year’s capital programme review.


There were no already approved capital schemes in the 2023/24 to 2024/25 capital programme for this Committee.


Members were reminded that for this Committee, one capital scheme bid, totally £55,000 was submitted in 2021 for the financial years 2025/26 to 2026/27.  A review of the scheme has resulted in no change to this value. 


No new capital bids were submitted for 2027/28 for this Committee.




Members considered and proposed a future capital programme for this Committee’s services for onward recommendation to Policy and Finance Committee for the period 2023/24 to 2027/28, based on:


• The proposals included in this report; and


• Any capital bid suggestions and amendments that members wished to make, of which there were none.