Agenda and draft minutes

Parish Councils Liaison - Thursday, 30th June, 2022 6.30 pm

Venue: Council Chamber

Contact: Rebecca Tait 

No. Item


Appointment of Chair for 2022/2023



That Parish Councillor Martin Highton (Whalley) be appointed as Chairman for this Committee for 2022/2023.


Appointment of Vice Chair for 2022/2023



That Councillor Gary Scott be appointed as Vice Chairman for this Committee for 2022/2023.


Apologies for absence


Apologies for absence were received for Borough Councillors B Holden and S O’Rourke.


Apologies were also received from the following Parish Representatives:

J. Turner          Dinckley

J Threlfall      Whalley

H Gee            Longridge

J Rattigan      Waddington




To approve the minutes of the previous meeting pdf icon PDF 215 KB


The minutes of the meeting held on 27 January 2022 were approved as a correct record and signed by the Chairman with the following amendment:




‘Wiswell Parish Council had asked that parishes be reminded of existing legislation and guidance’ instead of ‘be kept informed of new/updated legislation.’



Declarations of disclosable pecuniary, other registrable and non registrable interests

Members are reminded of their responsibility to declare any disclosable pecuniary, other registrable or non-registrable interest in respect of matters contained in the agenda.



Councillor K Horkin declared he owned several businesses in Clitheroe.



Public participation


There was no public participation.



Hyndburn & Ribble Valley CVS (Council for Voluntary Services)

Representation by Debbie Simpson, Hyndburn & Ribble Valley CVS.


Debra Simpson from Ribble Valley CVS (Community Voluntary Support) made a presentation informing members of the services they offered which supported Voluntary Groups within the Borough. This included advice and guidance on grant applications, funding opportunities, policies, and setting up a bank account. A Volunteer Hub was also available which offered volunteer training, registration, and guidance. A services drop-in was offered every Tuesday in Clitheroe which provided access to Social Prescribing Link Workers and there were plans to expand to cover other areas.


Parishes were asked to consider if organisations within their area could benefit from the services offered, and to get in touch if so.



Briefing from Rural Taskforce

Presentation by Matt Hartup, Lancashire Constabulary.


PC Matt Hartup from the Lancashire Constabulary’s Ribble Valley Rural Task Force made a presentation setting out a proposal for CCTV installation, for Parishes to consider.


He introduced the taskforce, and explained their purpose and recent challenges in relation to organised crime groups committing offences within the Borough. The presentation included both the benefits and issues relating to CCTV, and highlighted the difference that CCTV footage has made when investigating rural crimes.


The proposal included a case study following the installation of CCTV in Barley, the approximate cost of a similar installation, and funding opportunities available to Parishes. Parishes would be responsible for ongoing management and maintenance of the proposed systems although the constabulary would be available for support and guidance.


Expressions of interest could be forwarded to Sarah Wells, newly appointed Partnership Officer at Ribble Valley Borough Council.



Homes for Ukrainians - Referral from Health and Housing Committee pdf icon PDF 85 KB

Report of the Director of Economic Development and Planning enclosed.


The Director of Economic Development and Planning submitted a report informing Committee on the Homes for Ukraine initiative.


The report detailed the Government’s scheme which provided an opportunity for UK residents to help support Ukraine refugees fleeing the conflict and move to the UK under a sponsorship arrangement.


The HFU scheme was launched in March 2022 and allowed sponsors to register to support someone known to them, or alternatively to register to support a family which would be matched with people seeking to leave the Ukraine. The report confirmed the scheme was uncapped in terms of numbers, and once sponsors and guests had met standard security checks the guests would be issued a visa enabling them to live and work in the UK for up to 3 years.


The report confirmed the Council’s role in delivering the scheme which involved undertaking checks on sponsor accommodation and administering the £350 “Thank-you” payments to sponsors. The government had also provided funding to local authorities to help support the additional workloads generated by the scheme.


At the latest update it was confirmed that the current number of inspected properties in the Ribble Valley totalled 37, and of those 22 had received guests.


It was noted that if there are sponsors within Parishes the Council can offer support and guidance.



Matters brought forward by Parish Councils


HARP update

Verbal update from the Head of Regeneration and Housing. Matter brought forward by Chatburn Parish Council.


The Head of Regeneration and Housing provided a verbal update on the Haweswater Aqueduct Resilience Programme (HARP).


There had been no real change in terms of planning, and the council was awaiting Consultee responses.


It had been previously suggested that when work commenced a central point of contact within the Borough would be useful. It was noted that this may be best placed with Lancashire County Council however Ribble Valley Borough Council would consider the implementation of a Liaison Group further down the line.



Ribble Valley Climate Action Network

Presentation about Ribble Valley Climate Action Network (RVCAN). Matter brought forward by Hothersall Parish Council.


Kate Murry and David Rawkins from the Ribble Valley Climate Action Network (RVCAN) made a presentation introducing themselves to the Committee and detailing the work they would be undertaking. RVCAN invited parishes to become involved and welcomed Councillors and Representatives to spread the word so they can begin to build a local network to work together on key issues.


The presentation explained the anticipated impact of climate change within Lancashire. The RVCAN encouraged all members of society to act together, and made suggestions on projects and events with which Parishes and their residents could become involved.


There was great interest from Parish representatives who shared their views and suggestions. It was noted that the Climate Change Working Group, who reported to the Council’s Policy and Finance Committee, were keen to be involved.



Speed Indicator Devices (SpIDs)

Matter brought forward by Mellor Parish Council.


Following an enquiry from Mellor Parish Council regarding the Council’s previously purchased Speed Indicator Devices (SPIDS) the Council had recently requested information from Parishes confirming which currently owned or held a SPID.


Only six parishes had confirmed they held a SPID and the whereabouts of some previously shared SPIDS were unknown. Many parishes had expressed an interest in a sharing scheme or requested information on how to purchase a device.


Councillors informed committee that Lancashire County Council were engaged with a SPID project which involved various restrictions and limitations.


The Council’s Community Safety Partnership would consider the issues raised and how these could be addressed.



Fitting of roof solar panels in the Bowland AONB area

Matter brought forward by Grindleton Parish Council.


This matter would be brought forward to the next Committee agenda as no representative from the submitting Parish was in attendance.



Update on Local Plan

Verbal update from the Head of Regeneration and Housing.


The Head of Regeneration and Housing reminded parishes of the approaching closing date for the current Local Plan consultation and invited parishes to make their submissions. 



Other matters


There were no other matters raised.



Date and time of next meeting


The Chairman informed the committee that the next meeting would be on 15 September 2022 at 6.30pm.