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Planning Application 3/2022/0879 - Land South of Ludlow Road, Clitheroe, BB7 2RJ


RESOLVED that the application be DEFERRED and DELEGATED to the Director of Economic Development and Planning for approval subject to the receipt of acceptable revised landscaping details, the receipt of an acceptable legal linking agreement and subject to the following conditions:


1.    Unless explicitly required by condition within this consent, the development hereby permitted shall be carried out in complete accordance with the proposals as detailed on drawings:

·         Location Plan: HR-BTP-00-LP-DR-A-3537-100

·         Site Layout Plan: HR-BTP-00-SP-DR-A-3537-105

·         Boundary Treatment Plan: HR-BTP-00-D-DR-A-3537-113

·         Drainage layout: C-0897-01 Rev X

·         Plot 1 elevations: HR-BTP-00-E-DR-A-3537-191

·         Plots 6 and 7 elevations: 11-2019 Rev A 06-12-21

·         Grizedale elevations and floor plans: HR-BTP-23-ZZ-DR-A-3537-145

·         Plots 1 and 2 garage elevations and floor plan: 11-2019 Rev B 08-10-21

·         Plot 3 garage elevations and floor plan: 11-2019 Rev B 08-10-21

·         Plot 8 garage elevations and floor plan: 11-2019 Rev B 08-10-21

·         Plots 12 and 13 garage elevations and floor plan: 11-2019

·         Plot 14 garage elevations and floor plan: 11-2019 Rev A 07-10-21

·         Plot 21 garage elevations and floor plan: 11-2019 Rev A 14-04-21

·         Site cross sections (turning head): HR-BTP-00-ZZ-DR-A-3537-181-C

·         Site cross sections (houses): HR-BTP-00-S-DR-A-3537-160-H

·         Comparison street elevation: HR-BTP-00-E-DR-A-3537-183

·         Public open space reference plan: C-0897-31

·         Public open space cross sections: C-0897-30


REASON:  To clarify the nature of the details relating to the development hereby approved.


2.    The landscaping proposals hereby approved, including the replacement tree planting indicated on drawing: TBC shall be implemented in the first planting season following the issuing of this consent, and shall be maintained thereafter for a period of not less than 15 years to the satisfaction of the Local Planning Authority.  


This maintenance shall include the replacement of any tree or shrub which is removed, or dies, or is seriously damaged, or becomes seriously diseased, by a species of similar size to those originally planted. 


All trees/hedgerow shown as being retained within the approved details shall be retained as such in perpetuity.


REASON: To ensure the proposal is satisfactorily landscaped and trees/hedgerow of landscape/visual amenity value are retained as part of the development.  


3.    The materials to be used on the external surfaces of the development as indicated on the drawing hereby approved and within the submitted information shall be implemented in accordance with the approved details.


REASON:  In order that the Local Planning Authority may ensure that the materials to be used are appropriate to the locality and respond positively to the inherent character of the area.

4.    The drainage for the development hereby approved, shall be carried out in accordance with principles set out in the submitted Foul & Surface Water Drainage Design Drawing C-0897-01, Rev X - Dated 05.09.2022 which was prepared by Hamilton Technical Services. For the avoidance of doubt no surface water will be permitted to drain directly or indirectly into the public sewer.  Prior to any further occupation of any of the dwellings hereby approved, the drainage schemes shall be completed in accordance with the approved details and retained thereafter for the lifetime of the development.


REASON: To ensure a satisfactory form of development and to prevent an undue increase in surface water run-off and to reduce the risk of flooding.


Supporting documents: