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Name, Address1, Address2, Address3, Address4, Postcode, Phone, Mobile, Email
Councillor David Berryman, 3 Elizabeth Court, Clitheroe, , , BB7 1FB, , 07957491496,
Councillor Susan Bibby, 34 Beaver Close, Wilpshire, Blackburn, , BB1 9LB, , 07869409016,
Councillor Louise Edge, Fairfield Farm, Longsight Road, Clayton-le-Dale, Blackburn, BB2 7JA, , 07748915985,
Councillor Kerry Fletcher, 41 Castle View, Clitheroe, , , BB7 2DT, 07976739032, ,
Councillor Stewart Fletcher, 41 Castle View, Clitheroe, , , BB7 2DT, , 07931563107,
Councillor Jonathan Hill, 2 Littlemoor View, Clitheroe, , , BB7 1HS, , 07732426155,
Councillor Stuart Hirst, (Address not supplied) , 01254 240912, 07989303684,
Councillor Richard Newmark, The Pavillion, 15A Bent Lane, Colne, , BB8 7AA, , 07958360893,
Councillor David Peat, 1 Haugh Ave, Simonstone, Burnley, , BB12 7HZ, , 07538674420,
Councillor James (Jim) Rogerson, Dorset House, Cumeragh Lane, Whittingham, Preston, PR3 2AJ, 01772 782288, ,
Councillor Richard Sherras, Woodhaven, 2 Station Road, Rimington, Clitheroe, BB7 4DR, 01200 445429, ,
Barry Dearing, (Address not supplied)
Maggie Nicholson, (Address not supplied)