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Name, Address1, Address2, Address3, Address4, Postcode, Phone, Mobile, Email
Councillor Susan Bibby, 34 Beaver Close, Wilpshire, Blackburn, , BB1 9LB, , 07869409016,
Councillor Stephen Atkinson, 1 Chapel Close, Brockhall Village, Old Langho, Lancashire, BB6 8HU, , 07718 806286,
Councillor Richard Bennett, 14 Straits Lane, Read, Burnley, , BB12 7PQ, , 07931442540,
Councillor Angeline Humphreys, 50 Higher Road, Longridge, Preston, , PR3 3SX, , 07443958294,
Councillor Donna O'Rourke, 4 Back Lane Croft, Clitheroe, , , BB7 2EZ, 01200 444193, ,
Councillor David Peat OBE, 1 Haugh Ave, Simonstone, Burnley, , BB12 7HZ, , 07538674420,
Councillor Sarah Rainford, 11 Parlick Ave, Longridge, Preston, , PR3 3TN, , 07815537330,
Councillor Jennifer (Jenni) Schumann, 3 Corporation Street, Clitheroe, , , BB7 1DW, , 07772916850,
Councillor Robert Thompson, Ribblesdale House, Main Street, Gisburn, Clitheroe, BB7 4HE, , ,
Rebecca Tait, (Address not supplied)
Olwen Heap, (Address not supplied)